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ICETorrent News
Google Translation:


In these hot summer days, instead of going and drinking beer on the terraces and frying in the sun, we're going to get up! WHY? Because we like what we do, we are altruistic and want to join as many of you on ICE team!

What criteria do I need to meet to become an Uploader?

You must keep in mind the following:
- Have access to at least one external source.
- include a proper description of the torrent.
- You can sit on seed for at least 3 hours (from uploading) or until three other seeders are on that torrent.
- You should also have the acceptable upload band.

If you believe that you meet these criteria do not hesitate to fill out this application:


Careful! Only carefully completed applications will be taken into account.

We want those of you who are interested in this activity to know that you can choose a narrower range of torrents (applications, documents, books)!

Those who do not have the knowledge of this activity, as well as those who find it difficult to apply, please write to us here

We are willing to help you in your approach!

Those with Hahalera and User rank are not allowed to upload, but we can promote you if you want to participate in this project!

Thanks with anticipation, ICE Team

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